Sonja Vojvodić

She graduated from Pavao Markovac music school and Art and design high school in Zagreb in 2013. In addition to her focus on music subjects, she was also active in book workshops where she showed interest in languages; especially Czech. She decided to pursue these two life passions by enrolling in the Music Academy and by studying the Czech language at the Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences in Zagreb, where she is still a student. Early on, she displayed the wish and tendency to study Czech in detail through continuous self-improvement, participation in several conferences, publication of a few linguistically oriented texts as well as undertaking many periods of study in the Czech Republic.

Her main focus is on actualization, functional sentence perspective and function of a word at the sentence level. Following her theses defenses she wishes to further pursue her interest in Czech studies, with syntactic and psycholingvistic topics as her main field of work.