Current Projects

Garden-path processing in Czech

Investigators: Jan Chromý, Markéta Ceháková

The aim of the project is to analyze how do the native speakers of Czech process Czech garden-path constructions. Specifically, we are interested in those cases when a speaker fails in forming a grammatically correct analysis of the construction. Our goal is thus to understand the nature of the incorrect processing
of garden-path constructions. We are also interested in individual factors which influence the ability of doing a successful syntactic reanalysis. We employ self-paced reading, eye-tracking and acceptability judgments in this project.

Processing of standard and nonstandard morphological variants in Czech

Investigators: Martin Beneš, Adam Kříž, Jan Chromý

The main hypothesis of the project is that the non-standard morphological variants in Czech cause delay in processing of written Czech sentences. We are interested in various morphological features which differ in their acceptability in formal Czech. We also analyze the interplay between various features used in the same sentence.

Language attrition in Slovak speakers

Investigators: Adam Kříž, Jan Chromý

The project focuses on those native speakers of Slovak who live long-term in Prague, Czech Republic. We employ picture naming and lexical decision task to analyze on-going language attrition in these speakers. Findings of these tasks are related to various demographic factors such as length of stay in Prague, frequency of use of Czech and Slovak etc.

Lexical retrieval in the bilinguals’ first language

Investigators: Marie Anna Hamanová, Jan Chromý

The project aims to analyze lexical retrieval in bilingual speakers with Czech as a first language. We plan to test speakers with differing levels of their L2 (from speaker with low proficiency in L2 to almost balanced bilinguals) and see whether the degree of proficiency in L2 correlates with the performance in the experimental tasks such as picture naming and verbal fluency. We will also test a specific group of translation studies (speakers with a very high knowledge of L2 with a deep training in switching between the languages).

Picture naming norms for Czech

Investigators: Jan Chromý, Marie Anna Hamanová

In this project, we would like to create picture naming norms for 300 pictures for Czech. The pictures are selected from BOSS II database and they will be normed for various measures such as naming agreement, familiarity, lexical frequency etc. The norms will be made public for broad scientific audience.

Iconicity of clause-order

Investigators: Michal Láznička, Jan Chromý

The project tests the hypothesis that iconic clause-order (i.e. order of clauses where the first clause describes an event which happened prior to the event of the second clause) should be processed easier and faster than non-iconic clause-order. We test this using self-paced reading in Czech.

Multipic 2.0 project: Czech and Hungarian

Invesitgators: Jan Chromý, Marie Anna Hamanová, Jiří Januška

Picture naming and familiarity norms for ca. 500 pictures for Czech (Jan Chromý, Marie Anna Hamanová) and Hungarian (Jiří Januška) under the Multipic 2.0 project organized by Christos Pliatsikas (University of Reading) and Jon Andoni Duñabeitia (Universidad Nebrija).