About ERCEL Lab

The main long-term focus of the ERCEL Lab is the psycholinguistic research on language processing with particular interest in the languages of Central Europe (such as Czech, Slovak, Hungarian, German, or Croatian).

The Lab aims to (1) conduct psycholinguistic experiments which target specific features of these languages and thus to deepen the general findings on language processing; (2) examine the differences in processing between these languages which differ in various typological and structural aspects; (3) study the psycholinguistic aspects of language contact (between the Central European or various other languages).

The Lab was set up in September 2017 at the Faculty of Arts, Charles University, and it is tightly related to the the Laboratory of Behavioral and Linguistic Studies (LaBeLS), a joint lab of the Institute of Psychology of the Czech Academy of Sciences and the Faculty of Arts of the Charles University.

The head of the ERCEL Lab is doc. Mgr. Jan Chromý, Ph.D.