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Czech Adaptation of the Component Processes Task

We adapted the Component Processes Task (Hannon – Daneman, 2001) to Czech. Also, we programmed the full test for IbexFarm platform. We are happy to share both the stimuli and the script with anyone interested. In case you would like to use CPT for testing native speakers of Czech, contact us and specify your research purposes (just for us to know who uses the adaptation for what).

Operation and Reading Span Tasks in Czech

We created Czech versions of the operation span and reading span tasks for measuring working memory using the Py-Span-Task application by Titus von der Malsburg. Both are freely available to download and use here. In case you use these tasks, we would be happy if you would inform us about it.

Students’ theses

Ceháková, M. (2021): Zpracování vět se slepou kolejí v češtině. Unpublished MA thesis. [Garden-path sentences processing in Czech]
Kříž, A. (2020): Jazykové chování slovenských rodilých mluvčích v Čechách. Unpublished PhD thesis. [Language behaviour of native speakers of Slovak in Bohemia]
Hamanová, M.-A. (2020): Bilingvismus jako nevýhoda? Lexikální vybavování v prvním jazyce bilingvních mluvčích. Unpublished MA thesis. [Bilingualism as a disadvantage? Lexical retrieval in the bilinguals’ first language]